Fire & Flood Restoration



Restoration Services

Chem-Dry UK is the UK's leading fire and flood damage restoration contractor & restorer with over 150 highly trained restoration teams throughout the whole of the UK. Our network of restoration professionals is supported by a head office in Beverley, East Yorkshire. It houses state-of-the-art technology plus over 125 staff, all working to ensure the highest quality of service is provided. Chem-Dry UK undertakes work for almost all major insurers. This work ranges from small accidental damage spills in the home to large fires and floods in commercial premises.

As the arena of disaster restoration continues to expand and becomes more complex, the need for skilled and qualified staff has become imperative. Technical and quality control at I&S Chem-Dry is at the heart of our strategic objectives.



Wall and Floor Drying System


The Drymatic Wall and Floor System is a patented system that dramatically improves drying rates compared with conventional methods.

Half the drying time...

Because the mat concentrates the air where it is needed the drying effect is doubled. The drying time for a saturated surface down to 70% ERH can be halved compared to previous methods and be even faster if you use the mats to apply controlled heat via the Drymatic Boost system. The combination of target and controlled heat drying enables the user to increase job throughput using one standard Drymatic System - Drymatic, Drymatic Boost and the Drymatic Wall and Floor System.

• Reduce drying times
• Less power consumption
• Few carbon emissions
• Less air concentration


Private Dehumidifer & Drying Equipment Hire Changes

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Insurance Claims

If you have experienced a water, fire or accidental damage at home or business premises that is covered by your insurance policy, you should inform your insurer as soon as possible. They can then contact us and make arrangements for our cleaning and restoration specialists to attend to the problem. By contacting your insurance company, you get the same great service from Chem-Dry, and we sort out all the administration and billing direct with your insurer.



Water Damage

Following the shock and disruption caused by major water damage or flooding, a fast and effective response is required to minimise loss. Our fully trained staff at I&S Chem-Dry, can swiftly assist with water extraction, sanitation and the initial clean up.

If the building requires a drying regime, the structure/age of the property, and the extent of water damage will determine the type of drying equipment we will need to install to ensure the building is returned to its pre-loss condition.

This equipment could be a mixture of the examples show. Following the completion of the drying programme a drying certificate will be issued. This is a requirement on all insurance claims. If it is required, we can undertake any removal or storage of your contents to facilitate the building restoration.
fire damge
Regular monitoring using moisture meters and/or hygrometers will provide you with a record of the drying progress. It is extremly difficult to estimate the length of time a drying regime may take. Many factors have to be taken into account. For example, the lenght of time the building was submerged or the type of structural material used.

We can undertake any of the above privately, or through an Insurance Company.

We also hire De-Humidifiers and Air Movers on a daily basis, or as a monitored service.

Services Provided:
• Removals and Storage
• French Polishing / Furniture Restoration
• Portable Appliance Testing
• Builders Cleans
• De-Humidifier Hire
• Cleaning / Sanitising - following flooding or sewage contamination.


Fire Restoration

fire damge

We are the leading fire and flood damage restoration contractor & restorer with highly trained restoration technicians

A fire at your property can be a devastating experience. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we at I & S Chem-dry, have dealth with everything from small domestic fires to large commercial fire.

We undertake this type of work for many of the major insurance campanies. However, we realise that not all customers have insurance, so with this in mind, and if this is the case for you, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements.

Depending on the scale and circumstaces involved, it is sometimes necessary to clean the contents off site. Following cleaning, the items may need to be put into storage to facilitate at our depot in North Somerset.

Whether a protein, natural or electrical fire will determine the type of cleaning procedure required. Cleaning with the correct specialised products will counteract various odours or deposits found in soot and smoke residue.

Surfaces such as walls and ceilings will be cleaned in preparation for redecoration, but in the case of light smoke damage this may not be necessary.

Services Provided:
• Initial clean up
• Disposal of un-restorable contents
• Odour control
• Portable Appliance Testing
• French Polishing Services
• Storage and Removal